Wires-X Wiresmon Utility

  1. The Wiresmon Executable
  2. The Web Interface
  3. References

The Wiresmon utility will enable you to listen to what is being said directly via the internet. Now you will know what is being said while all that anoying analogue static is on 70cm analogue. Wiresmon can be run via an executable or directly in a browser.


The Wiresmon Executable

Wires-X Monitor

The Windows Wiresmon executable can be download here:

Note: allthough I have read references stating that this utility will run under Linux, it fails to do so fo me. When the program starts up, you need to input the information listed below, to enable communication with the selected node.

Note: To enable remote access operation via wiremon, the server settings must be enabled.
The node's WIRES-X software to set Remote Control function to ON.
Menu Items: ([File]-[Settings]-[Property]-[General settings])

The Wiresmon utility allows listening to Wire-X traffic. You can hear what is being said when the 70cm spurts out all that anoying analogue static.

Listened on an analogue RDIO, tuned to the local 70cm wires-X frequency, for the Wires-X static to indicate a transmission was taking place. If there was static on the Tait, then there should be voices on the computer running the Wiresmon utility. And so there was!


The Web Interface

If this Wires-X server has the correct port open, and you know the password,

The Web based Monitor can be accessed either by selecting "Web Monitor" in the Wiresmon utility or directly by following this link and substituting the correct password in place of "**********"**********

Each of the lines above call further menus. You can read a lot of information but set very little.





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