Radio ID Number

DMR Radio and Repeater ID's

Note that the DMR ID database has moved to:

Use this site to lookup ID's for both users (seven digit) and repeaters (six digit):!

For example the VH4RDB repeater aqt Mt Cotton, Queensland has as ID of 505424:

DMR Registration

Image Registration

The goal of RadioID is to have a master listing so you can take a DMR radio anywhere in the world and it will work without ID conflicts. Amateurs are increasingly bridging digital networks so it is important that no two users have the same ID. - DMR Registration Page

The Motorola Amateur Radio Club Worldwide Network: - DMR-MARC


The Seven Digit Call Connection Service

CCS stands for Call Connection Service. The system was developed a few years ago as an optimisation of the "G2 Call-sign Routing", which uses the Icom DSTAR systems for the targeted self built repeaters, hotspots and private modems in one open network.

The first 3 digits of the Identifier follows the Mobile Country Code (MCC) numbering as defined in the ITU-T Recommendation E.212.

This first digits of the MCC identify the geographical region or Continent:
  1. Test networks
  2. Europe
  3. North America and the Caribbean
  4. Asia and the Middle East
  5. Oceania
  6. Africa
  7. South and Central America
  8. Worldwide

The first 3 digits are the Mobile Country Codes (MCC), identify the Country. Some examples are:
After the Mobile Country Codes (MCC), amateur radio DMR networks append a 4-digit code for users and a 3-digit code for repeaters.

Further information about the ITU-MCC can be found hereWikipedia and at the ITU


RadioID Data Files

Most handheld digital radios provide memory to load an ID database.

RadioID maintains user, repeater and various other databases. They can be downloaded here:!

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