:q VK4PK - The VK4RDB DMR Repeater

The VK4RDB DMR Repeater


The VKRDB repeater site is operated by Bayside District Radio Society Incorporated and is located on Mt Cotton Mt Cotton in South East Queensland

The DMR repeater is a MMDVM shield on A Raspberry Pi Model 3 driving an ICOM FR-3000 analogue FM repeater.

As at June 2020, the Pi-Star version is 3.4.17 and the Dashboard is at 20200421. THe currect version at thi date is Pi-Star_RPi_V4.1.2 and 20-May-2020, however, the installed version is still available at https://www.pistar.uk/downloads/

The ID of this repeater is 505424. See Radioid.net search page for more information.

DMR Gateway

Note that Network 1 is enable as BM_Australia_5051 at IP address and is making use of the Rewrite-Rules to redirect TG9 to the local repeater, 505424.

Network 2 is enabled as DMR+_IPSC2-Australian at IP address


Glenn Lyons VK4PK
Ver:gnl20200609 - pre published v0.9