Antenna Modeling

EZNEC and 4nec2 are based upon the Numerical Electromagnetics Code, or NEC, which is a popular antenna modelling system for wire and surface antennas originally written in FORTRAN in the 1970s by Gerald Burke and Andrew Poggio of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. MMANA-GAL on the other hand is based upon MININEC which was written by John Rockway with support from Jim Logan.

My Antenna Modeling Files

Download the install file

NEC - Numerical Electromagnetics Code

4nec2 Modeling and Download

MMANA Modeling

MANNA Download Site

Youtube - MMANA Tutorial Part 1 M0MCX 20m dipoles
Youtube - MMANA Tutorial Part 2 M0MCX 20m Horizontal Loop Antennas
Youtube - MMANA Tutorial Part 3 M0MCX 40m inverted V
Youtube - MMANA Tutotial Part 4 M0MCX introducing the Mega-Loop

Antenna Design for Using MMANA-GAL Software by Terry (G4CHD)


The Math - The Method of Moments

The math behind the NEC calculation involves the Method of Moments



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